Can a fixed building stay in motion?
We think so.

We’re revolutionizing the way we think about business education.
And it starts with a building that moves at the speed of today’s global marketplace. 


A Dynamic Community

We’re breaking down traditional barriers to create a welcoming community that reflects the diverse backgrounds and perspectives of the School of Management.


Active Collaboration

We know breakthroughs happen when students,  faculty and the community come together. That’s why we’ve designed a building that fosters the exchange of knowledge and ideas.


Insight and Inspiration

We’re nurturing the next generation of business leaders to push boundaries. This new center will inspire entrepreneurial thinking and cutting-edge innovation.

changing the way we teach and learn

Active learning requires an active space with the right technology. Every detail of the Steven D. Dorfman Center considers how to build community, how to support collaboration, and how to spark innovation.


Under One Roof

We’re bringing classrooms, faculty offices and collaborative spaces together to create a comprehensive center for management education.


Intuitive Design

Using flexible furniture and advanced connectivity, the facility will optimize in-the-moment learning that adapts to changing needs.


A Progressive Approach

We’re blending student and faculty areas to build relationships and heighten the academic experience outside the classroom.