Name a classroom, lecture hall or collaborative space. Gifts can be made outright or pledged over several years.

Naming Opportunities

Gifts for the naming opportunities listed can be made outright or pledged over several years.

Principal Gifts
Main Lobby and Entryway $4M
Large Community Room & Terrace (2nd Floor) $3M
South Plaza $3M
HUB (2nd Floor -  Up to 10 opportunities at $250K each) $2.5M
Alumni Balcony (2nd Floor) $2M
West Plaza $2M
North Plaza      $1M
Leadership Gifts
Lecture Hall (1st floor Auditorium) $500K
Computer Lab $250K
Large Classroom w/Divider (1st floor) $200K
Major Gifts
Collaboration/Study Rooms (3 opportunities) $150K
Large Conference Room $150K
Dean's Office $100K
Standard Classrooms (4 opportunities) $100K
Lactation Room $100K
Special Gifts
Standard Conference Rooms (3 opportunities) $75K each
Associate Deans’ Offices (2 opportunities) $50K each
Program Directors’ Offices (7 opportunities) $30K each
Faculty Offices (23 opportunities) $25K each

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